InternetSecurityDeluxe Removal Guide

Do you know what InternetSecurityDeluxe is?

InternetSecurityDeluxe, believe it or not, is a fake anti-spyware program. Even though the name may be misleading, it is still classified as a rogue program that we find to be useless at removing spyware or adding security features for your computer. InternetSecurityDeluxe does neither, all that it is good for is taking your money in return for a worthless program.

InternetSecurityDeluxe or sometimes called Internet Security Deluxe typically comes from a Trojan infection which can be obtained through a fake video codec download. The Trojans that we have narrowed InternetSecurityDeluxe coming from are the Zlob and Vundo Trojan. Some computer users have reported getting InternetSecurityDeluxe directly from the website. InternetSecurityDeluxe can be installed by these Trojans without your permission. Sometimes the only way that you know you have InternetSecurityDeluxe installed is after you start to get fake popups and alert messages.

In non-techie terms: InternetSecurityDeluxe is not much different from other rogue anti-spyware programs. It performs malicious actions to get you to purchase a full version of the InternetSecurityDeluxe program. Remember to never visit to download, install or purchase the InternetSecurityDeluxe program, you will only be wasting your time and money.

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