Iguardpc Removal Guide

Do you know what Iguardpc is?


Iguardpc is a fake antispyware application which is actually a clone of Security Fighter, Save Armor, Save Defender, Trust Warrior, Soft Safeness, SiteAdware. Iguardpc will try as many tricks as it can in order to try to get you to buy the full version. One of the tricks that it users is to present you with many fake security system notifications which may look real to you. All the security system notifications that you are presented with, are all fake if you have Iguardpc running on your system.

In non-techie terms:

You could make use of the manual removal instructions but you need to be seriously warned that you run the risk of causing even further damage to your computer if you do something incorrectly. It is strongly advised that you rather make use of a decent and up to date antispyware removal tool that is able to both detect as well as automatically delete Iguardpc for you.

Aliases: I guardpc, Iguard pc, I guard pc.