IEAntiSpyware Removal Guide

Do you know what IEAntiSpyware is?

IEAntiSpyware or IE AntiSpyware is a rogue anti-spyware program that may be downloaded and installed through a Trojan infection such as Zlob or Vundo Trojan. We discovered that IEAntiSpyware loads several files apon startup of Windows which makes it very difficult to remove IEAntiSpyware.

If installed, IEAntiSpyware will display many popup or system alert messages attempting to get you to purchase the full IEAntiSpyware or IE AntiSpyware program. This is a trick that the developers of IEAntiSpyware use to extort money from computer users who have IEAntiSpyware installed on their system.

In non-techie terms: IEAntiSpyware is very similar to many fake anti-spyware programs where it's name resembles popular legitimate programs from reputable companies. IEAntiSpyware may sound similar to Windows AntiSpyware programs out on the current market. Do not get IEAntiSpyware confused, IEAntiSpyware is not a good working program because it does not even remove spyware. Do not download or purchase IEAntiSpyware under any circumstances.

Aliases: IE AntiSpyware, IE AntiSpyware 3.2, IEAntiSpyware 3.2.

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  • HImanshu Panchal

    great stuff but needs more detail with screenshots for all os