WinXProtector Removal Guide

Do you know what WinXProtector is?

WinXProtector is a dangerous rogue anti-spyware program that uses its catchy name and deceiving tactics to fool computers user into thinking that WinXProtector is a legitimate spyware removal tool. WinXProtector prompts erroneous scan results to further scare computer users in hopes that they will ultimately purchase the full version of WinXProtector.

WinXProtector digs even deeper using illicit tactics such as using common file names or programs like Minesweeper's file winmine.exe to mask the infection. Before WinXProtector starts its own game of deviation it may install without your knowledge or permission, and the only way you know you have WinXProtector is when you are greeted with a popup or system alert.

In non-techie terms: WinXProtector is very similar to other rogue anti-spyware programs using the same trickery to get you to purchase the full version of WinXProtector. WinXProtector has it's own website,, which promotes the WinXProtector program. Do not under any circumstances purchase or download WinXProtector. WinXProtector is a waste of time and money. WinXProtector serves no good purpose.

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