VirusIsolator or Virus Isolator Removal Guide

Do you know what VirusIsolator is?

VirusIsolator is rogue anti-spyware software known to be a clone of the Spywareisolator program which is also a fake anti-spyware program. VirusIsolator and Spywareisolator have similar functions and deceiving tactics. VirusIsolator, sometimes called Virus Isolator, may be installed without your permission through a Trojan infection that is obtained from malicious websites.

VirusIsolator uses aggressive advertising methods, popups, and system alert messages in an attempt to get you to purchase the full version of VirusIsolator. VirusIsolator may also warn you of infections that you really do not have on your system. VirusIsolator uses this process to scam any computer user who chooses to download or purchase VirusIsolator. VirusIsolator has its own website,, which promotes and sells the VirusIsolator software. We have found that is full of false claims because we have verified that VirusIsolator software does not remove parasites from your computer. VirusIsolator only displays exaggerated scan results after it scans your system.

In non-techie terms: VirusIsolator is similar to other rogues such as Spywareisolator. VirusIsolator and any website that promotes VirusIsolator such as and should be avoided. VirusIsolator and the website are nothing but scams that try to take your money for a worthless program that does you no good. Do not purchase VirusIsolator or Spywareisolator under any circumstances.

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Aliases: VirusIsolator, Virus Isolator,, Spywareisolator

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    No good virus isolator