SpyMaxx Removal Guide

Do you know what SpyMaxx is?

SpyMaxx is a fraudulent anti-spyware program causing major issues for internet users this month. SpyMaxx uses devious strategies to convince users to purchase the SpyMaxx program in order to remove spyware parasites that it found. The parasites that SpyMaxx scans for and finds are not legitimate results. SpyMaxx may be spread through porn and P2P websites that promote illegal downloads.

SpyMaxx may be advertised as a security program that assists users in the removal of spyware. This is a bogus claim made by malicious websites. SpyMaxx cannot be trusted.

In non-techie terms: SpyMaxx is similar to other rogue anti-spyware programs in the way that it uses illicit tactics to extort money from you. SpyMaxx and any website associated with SpyMaxx must be avoided at all costs. Do not under any circumstances download or purchase SpyMaxx.

Aliases: SpyMaxx, SpyMaxx Antispyware Version 2.3.0

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  • jon

    tried everything to remove spymaxx. NOTHING works!!!!
    Also i have no task mgr, so can do nothing with processes

  • Sami

    SmitFraudFix ver.2.309 dose not successfuly remove Spymaxx.
    It failed to stop and remove a process, namely: C:\Doc......\Locals~\Temp\~DF6873.tmp
    It also apears to be able to block access to taskmgr.

  • Harvey Payton

    How do we unblock taskmgr that has been disabled from Spymaxx.?

  • Ric

    Try regedit, search under edit (Find) spymaxx.* and you get a lot of them. Then delete. But agree - SmitFraud - is a fraud. It does not work. I have yet to find a solution to this crap. Would appreciate any assistance.

  • Tom

    Same set of problems as jon, Sami and Harvey; nothing removed Spymaxx files permanently (they seemed to reload on the first "regular start up" after the Safe Boot sequence! And,.....we also are dealing with a disabled Task Manager; our message when we try to use it is: "Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator". We're assuming this is part of the rogue antispyware methodology? Any guidance you can give us would be helpful! Thanks, Tom.

  • michelle

    Same problem with me and I have been trying for two weeks now to get rid of it. My taksmanager is disabled and when I try to re-enable it by changing the value , it will let me but then one second later it will revert back to disabled. This is really frustrating, and Smitfraud has not worked for me either. When I try to get rid of the problem files, I am told that I cannot delete them because they are being used by someone else. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have tried various anti-virus software programs.

  • Michael

    spymaxx update:

    Trend Micro didn't work. Superantispyware seems to have worked but you need to run in safe mode. That's part one.

    Part two: cntrl alt del still didn't work, but following this worked for me.

    I used the 2nd way. gpedit.msc

    Part three: I had to go to desktop properties to get rid of the desktop that said
    I had viruses.

    Good Luck. I had to spend all day doing this.

    There should be a law against this time of downloads.

  • Mya

    For all those with Task Manager issues:

    Certain keys in the Registry tell Windows not allow users access to some features, such as Task Manager; these keys may be located in either or both Registry Hives HKEY_CURRENT_USER and HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE. If any of the following Value Names appear in any of the Keys and the Data Value equals 1 then Task Manager is disabled for your use. You need to either edit the Registry the Data Value to zero or delete the Value Name.

    Key names: SOFTWARE\ Policies\ Microsoft\ Windows NT\ SystemRestore
Software\ Policies \Microsoft\ Internet Explorer\ Restrictions 
Software\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Policies\ System

    Value names: DisableSR - DisableTaskMgr - DisallowRun - DisableRegistryTools - NoControlPanel

  • sonny

    i cant go to safe mode
    i cant do taskmanager

    my only hope is probably reformatting

  • spymaxx

    Spymaxx will not only disable your taskmanager,but will not allow you to have administrator rights.You can try and edit your REG files but unless your an expert in Windows REG,I would not as you could be left with a useless PC.

    I fought with the terrible virus for apx 2 weeks ,download countless softwares...
    whew! I was about to wipe my HD and just reinstall win XP just to be done with it.
    But I found a way to remove it.