ProAntiSpy Removal Guide

Do you know what ProAntiSpy is?

ProAntiSpy is a fake anti-spyware program that conducts assertive actions to get users to purchase the full version of the ProAntiSpy software. ProAntiSpy installs onto users computers without their permission through the Vundo Trojan or Zlob Trojan infection. The Zlob and Vundo Trojans are usually picked up through a video codec download or a visiting a porn or P2P website.

ProAntiSpy displays a plethora of fake popup and system alert messages attempting to scare computer users into thinking they must purchase ProAntiSpy to remove parasites. ProAntiSpy is the only parasite that you must be concerned about, not the ones ProAntiSpy pops up on your screen. ProAntiSpy has it's own website that promotes the ProAntiSpy program. is part of a malicious scam.

In non-techie terms: ProAntiSpy just like any other rogue anti-spyware program, it is a waste of money. ProAntiSpy was created by hackers to use pushy tactics to get you to purchase this useless program. Do not under any circumstances purchase ProAntiSpy or visit the website.

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