PCSweeperPro Removal Guide

Do you know what PCSweeperPro is?

PCSweeperPro is a rogue anti-spyware program that may prompt users to purchase additional fake programs for removal of spyware. PCSweeperPro, like its name, is a Pro at sweeping away your money in return for a worthless program that does not remove spyware. PCSweeperPro prompts users with a big red "compromised files" and "danger" tag when it performs a system scan. PCSweeperPro may be installed through sites infected with Trojans or through a download of a fake video codec.

We discovered that PCSweeperPro is not very convincing in the way it misspelled the word "security" within the program. What good program that you know of misspells key words that describe the application? Right off the bat we know that PCSweeperPro is nothing but another fake rogue that is out to take money from computer users that fall into its trap. PCSweeperPro.com was found to be the website that promotes PCSweeperPro and provides a download for PCSweeperPro. PCSweeperPro.com has an IP address of which should never be visited unless you like to damage your computer for fun.

In non-techie terms: PCSweeperPro is garbage and should not be downloaded or installed. PCSweeperPro may cause more issues that you bargained for if it is installed on your system either through an infection or installed manually. PCSweeperPro should not be purchased under any circumstances because it is a worthless and dangerous program to have on your computer.

PCSweeperPro screen shot:
image source: bharath-m-narayan.blogspot.com

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