PC AntiSpyware Removal Guide

Do you know what PC AntiSpyware is?

PC AntiSpyware is a notorious rogue anti-spyware program. PC AntiSpyware masquerades as a program that can detect and clean spyware on your computer. PC AntiSpyware does not clean or detect spyware, instead PC AntiSpyware it is the parasite that you must remove from your system.

In non-techie terms: PC AntiSpyware may resemble legitimate spyware detection and removal software but it is not. PC AntiSpyware does you no good. It is a good idea to remove PC AntiSpyware and any associated files immediately before it causes damage to your system. Do not under any circumstances purchase PC AntiSpyware.

Aliases: PCAntiSpyware, PC-AntiSpyware, PC-Anti Spyware

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    None of this helped for me. None of the files or entries exist on my computer and running smitfraudfix.exe made no difference. I am still getting the PC-antispyware pop ups and having urls redirected. I've used several anti-spy prorgams such as spybot but nothing helps. Looks like the drive will have to be wiped...

  • Suzann

    All fine and well, we may not be (interrupted by pc-spyware spam) too lazy to learn how to interfere but after wasting 2 days trying to get rid of this shit we may well be too god damned tired. So if I take the time to go to stop processes I want to know what the hell is the name under the task manager processes this piece of shit is found. The clock is running here. It is no longer acceptable that decent people waste years of their lives chasing after this shit while LAZY people in the third world collect thier 20 cents a day and go home to screw and make 11 children that WE must pay for. The clock is ticking and any smart as who thinks this is fun is going to get caught and get a bill all the way to damnation to eternity for the time it has eaten away from my life and those I love. Frankly it is proving faster to back-up my files and do a full system restore. I am beginning to like the idea of weapons of mass destruction. Can China be the first target?

  • johan

    so good

  • Tyler

    What if I have purchased PC-Antispyware? I know it says don't do it, but its kinda late for that part..and I want to know what to do next, because I didn't know at the time, obviously...