MalwareBot Removal Guide

Do you know what MalwareBot is?

MalwareBot or MalwareBot 1.5 is a not-so-nice rogue anti-spyware program that tricks users into purchasing the full MalwareBot program. MalwareBot is an outright scam and dirty program. MalwareBot cannot be trusted by anyone. MalwareBot has it's own website,, that promotes the fake anti-spyware removal tool MalwareBot. is part of a scam created to take your money in return for a worthless program.

In non-techie terms: MalwareBot and were created by hackers to use illicit tactics to extort money from you. Do not trust MalwareBot or the website no matter how legitimate they may appear to be. MalwareBot does not assist users in the removal spyware. Do not under any circumstances purchase MalwareBot or visit the website

Aliases: MalwareBot, Malware Bot, MalwareBot 1.5,

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