Hi.ru Removal Guide

Do you know what Hi.ru is?

If you noticed a new homepage and search engine within your web browser, it might be an indication that a browser hijacker known as Hi.ru is active on your computer. During the research, we have discovered that, unfortunately, quite a few users have already their system infected with this intrusive browser hijacker. If you are one of those users, do not take any chances with it and make sure to conduct its complete removal right now. All that Hi.ru is capable of is ruining your online experience. As long as this intrusive program is active on your PC your life will be miserable. Make sure to use the comprehensive removal guide that we provide below to delete Hi.ru in a quick and easy way. We also provide further information regarding the functionality of this hijacker; learn about it and learn why it should be removed right now.

Once this hijacker enters your operating system, it will trigger a few changes within your web browser. Your default home page and search engine will be alerted without any notification. Even though at first the new homepage and search engine might seem quite useful, you should know that should not be trusted whatsoever. In fact, during the research it has been found out that using the newly appointed search engine could turn out to be quite dangerous since it provides suspicious results. Such search providers might be used by malware distributors to spread their questionable software, as links to a suspicious websites could come up as a sponsored links. We highly advise you not to trust anything that Hi.ru might provide you with as you could face devastating outcomes. It is important to note that only complete removal of Hi.ru will revert the changes made by it. If you fail to do so, the changes will continue to bother you.Hi.ru Removal GuideHi.ru screenshot
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In the majority of cases, this malicious browser hijacker comes as a part of a software bundle. The best way to significantly reduce the risk of getting your PC infected in such a way is by avoiding all third-party download websites since they are quite infamous for being the primary source of bundled installers. Of course, it is also imperative to pay your utmost attention to every single installation procedure. This way you might be presented with an opportunity to cancel the installation of some suspicious third-party program. Of course, it goes without saying that your best bet to keep your PC safe and secure at all times it by implementing a professional antimalware tool. If you do not have such a tool already, do not hesitate and install one.

The removal is a two-step process since you need to remove the malicious browser add-on and fix the Target line. To remove the Hi.ru browser hijacker completely, you must not make a single mistake. To be sure that everything associated with this hijacker has been deleted you need to execute an in-depth analysis of your PC for potential leftovers as soon as manual removal has been performed.

How to remove Hi.ru

Delete from Google Chrome

  1. Launch the browser and simultaneously tap Alt+F.
  2. Select Settings from the menu on the left and then locate the On Startup section.
  3. Mark Open a specific page or set of pages and click Set pages.
  4. Change the URL representing the undesirable search tool and click OK.
  5. Now move to Appearance.
  6. Mark Show Home button.
  7. Click Change and immediately repeat step 4 to eliminate the undesirable options.
  8. Go to Search and click Manage search engines. Choose a new default search provider.
  9. Click X on the URL you wish to remove and select Done.
  10. Tap Alt+F again, move to Tools and click Extensions.
  11. Click the recycle bin placed on the left of Quick Start and select Remove.

Delete from Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open your web browser
  2. Click the search provider icon on the search box.
  3. Select Manage Search Engines and Remove the undesirable search provider.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Simultaneously tap Ctrl+Shift+A.
  6. Go to Extensions and Remove the unwated plugin.
  7. Simultaneously tap Alt+T to open the Tools menu and select Options.
  8. Click the General tab.
  9. Go to When Firefox starts menu.
  10. Select Show my home page.
  11. Now change the undesirable Home Page URL.
  12. Select OK.

Delete from Internet Explorer:

  1. Startthe browser, simultaneously tap Alt+T and select Manage Add-ons.
  2. Go to Search Providers and choose a new default search provider.
  3. Remove the undesirable search provider.
  4. In the menu on the left click Toolbars and Extensions.
  5. Disable the undesirable plugin.
  6. Click Close.
  7. Simultaneously tap Alt+T.
  8. Select Internet Options.
  9. Click the General tab.
  10. Change the Home Page URL and click OK.

How to edit the Target line

Modify the browser shortcut Target

  1. Find the affected browser and right-click it.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. Click the Shortcut tab.
  4. Locate the Target box below.
  5. The line should end with iexplore.exe, firefox.exe or chrome.exe.
  6. Remove any additional text and click OK.

In non-techie terms:

If you think that manual removal and analysis are too complicated for you, we advise you to follow the instructions provided below. The alternative removal guide will help you delete Hi.ru in an automatic way without encountering any major problems.