HeroesOftheStorm Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what HeroesOftheStorm Ransomware is?

HeroesOftheStorm Ransomware is a buggy ransomware infection our team of experienced specialists has discovered recently. It is based on the HiddenTear open-source ransomware engine, so it did not take long to realize how it acts on users’ computers. Before we tell you more about this infection, we want to inform you that the chances are low that you will ever find it on your computer because it is not spread actively, and, judging from its quality, it will never be, but, of course, we cannot guarantee that you are 100% safe because everything changes quickly in malware world. Although HeroesOftheStorm Ransomware is not considered a serious threat, you must remove it from your computer immediately if you ever discover it there. Keeping malware installed is not an excellent idea because it might be updated and cause even more problems. In the case of HeroesOftheStorm Ransomware, it might perform the encryption of files in other directories with important files after the update, so disable it as soon as you detect it on your system.

Our specialists believe that HeroesOftheStorm Ransomware is not finished yet or has been developed for testing purposes only because, unlike other sophisticated ransomware infections, it does not encrypt files in all directories. It encrypts them in one folder %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\test only. If you do not have a folder named “test” on your Desktop, none of your files will be encrypted even if HeroesOftheStorm Ransomware successfully enters your PC. Unfortunately, we cannot promise that it will not be updated one day. If cyber criminals release an update, you might find pictures, documents, and other important files with the .HeroesOftheStorm extension as well. The version analyzed by our specialists drops a ransom note What is it?.txt. Surprisingly, it tells users that they can decrypt their files by playing the game “Heroes of The Storm.” We do not think that there is what to unlock if you do not have the folder “test” on Desktop, so do not even bother playing it. What we expect from you in this case is that you go and delete the ransomware infection from your system fully. If you ever encounter the updated version of HeroesOftheStorm Ransomware and you see a ransom note asking you to pay a certain amount of money for the tool that can decrypt files, keep the money to yourself and better go to restore your files from a backup you have. Remember, it is always a bad idea to send money to cyber criminals because they usually take users’ money and do not give them anything in exchange.

HeroesOftheStorm Ransomware is not spread actively, and it might never become a prevalent threat; however, we still want that you know how ransomware infections usually enter computers so that it would be easier for you to ensure the system’s maximum protection. Specialists have noticed that the majority of ransomware infections are distributed via spam emails, so you should stay away from them all starting today. Also, some users download these infections from dubious pages belonging to third parties, meaning that cyber criminals can place them on various third-party pages, e.g., P2P websites as well. If you are not going to stop downloading software from the web, at least install a security application and activate it to protect your system 24/7/365.

If HeroesOftheStorm Ransomware has somehow infiltrated your computer, you must delete it as soon as possible because it might be updated soon and lock a bunch of your personal files. Luckily, the removal of this infection consists of only two steps: 1) go to remove all recently downloaded files and 2) delete the ransom note What is it?.txt left by this infection on your computer. If you do not have enough knowledge or free time for the manual removal of this threat, use an automated scanner – it will clean your system in no time.

Delete HeroesOftheStorm Ransomware

  1. Open Explorer (Win+E).
  2. Open these directories one after the other and delete all suspicious files from them:
  • %USERPROFILE%\Downloads
  • %USERPROFILE%\Desktop
  • %TEMP%
  1. Remove the ransom note What is it?.txt from Desktop.
  2. Empty Recycle bin.

In non-techie terms:

HeroesOftheStorm Ransomware is a HiddenTear-based ransomware infection detected recently by specialists. It is not actively distributed, but, theoretically, it might still enter your system one day. Luckily, it encrypts files in one folder only, so we do not consider it a serious threat. Unfortunately, we cannot promise that the new version of this infection will not be developed soon by malicious software developers, so you should be more cautious from now on.