HDD Tools Removal Guide

Do you know what HDD Tools is?

In a concerted and ever evolving attack on honest consumers concerned with their PCs’ safety, the developers behind well known rogue system optimizers HDD Plus, Smart HDD and Defragmenter have released another clone from this family of rogues. HDD Tools shares many similarities of its predecessors, yet wreaks its destruction with the same goal in mind: to successfully fleece consumers out of their money. This is reason enough why you’ll want to simply eradicate HDD Tools off your system.

Spread via the traditional tactics employed by developers of rogueware, users will remain unaware of the presence of the HDD Tools Trojans and malwares on their systems until HDD Tools reveals itself through many annoying and incessant popup messages. These popup messages serve as fake security notifications designed to panic the user into thinking his PC is under attack. As a further attack on the system, HDD Tools will inform the user that the only way to safely and effectively get rid of these infections will be to pay for a copy of HDD Tools.

PC owners who fear their system has been compromised needs to eliminate HDD Tools as soon as possible. There really is no middle ground here. The longer HDD Tools remains active on a PC the more damage it will do to the system and the harder it will be erase HDD Tools.

Invest in a powerful security tool which can remove HDD Tools for good, as well as offer future protection against similar dangerous and harmful threats.

In non techie terms:

HDD Tools is not a genuine security tool, and will cause irreparable damage to your system. Do not trust it, and do not pay for its products. Instead, delete HDD Tools by using a reputable and updated security tool.

Aliases: HDDTools.