Green dot Moneypak Virus Removal Guide

Do you know what Green dot Moneypak Virus is?

Green dot Moneypak Virus is a computer infection that poses as a legitimate message from the FBI. It is a part of the Ukash Virus family and thus we can firmly say that Green dot Moneypak Virus appears in your computer to steal your money. Even though the message it displays looks real, keep in mind that no government authorities can block your computer, because no law has been passed that would allow them to.

Therefore, rather than believing in what Green dot Moneypak Virus is telling you, you should keep your money to yourself and avoid paying for the crimes you haven't committed at all costs. You should also pay no heed to this message:

All activity of this computer has been recorded.
If you use a webcam, videos and pictures were saved for identification.You can be clearly identified by resolving your IP address and the associated hostname.Your computer has been locked!I
llegally downloaded materials (MP3’s, Movies or Software) have been located on your computer.By downloading, those were reproduced, thereby involving a criminal offense under Section 106 of the Copyright Act.
The downloading of copyrighted material via the Internet or music-sharing networks is illegal and is in accordance with Section 106 of the Copyright Act subject to a fine of imprisonment for a penalty of up to 3 years.
Furthermore, possession of illegally downloaded material is punishable under Section 184 paragraph 3 of the Criminal Code and may also lead to the confiscation of the computer, with which the files were downloaded.To unlock your computer and to avoid other legal consequences, you are obligated to pay a release fee of $200.

In this case Green dot Moneypak Virus works just like FBI Moneypak and other similar ransomware. That is to say, it blames you for something you haven't done. Needless to say, that you need to remove Green dot Moneypak Virus from your computer, and this is how you do it:

  1. Restart your computer and press F8 while the system loads.
  2. When system boot menu appears, select Safe Mode with Networking and press enter.
  3. Once the system loads, access the Internet and download SpyHunter.
  4. Install SpyHunter on Safe Mode with Networking and remove Green dot Moneypak Virus.

For Windows XP:

  1. Follow the steps above from 1 to 3.
  2. Open Start menu and click on RUN.
  3. Enter "msconfig" into the Run box and press Enter.
  4. You will see System Configuration menu appear. Click the Startup tab and uncheck all the programs in the list. Press OK to save changes.
  5. Restart your computer in Normal Mode and install SpyHunter.
  6. Launch SpyHunter and follow its system scan instructions to permanently remove Green dot Moneypak Virus.

In non-techie terms:

Green dot Moneypak Virus is a malicious computer infection that locks you out of your computer and demands your money. You need to remove Green dot Moneypak Virus from your computer using the instructions above, and make sure that no other infection enters your system.
Green dot Moneypak Virus Removal GuideGreen dot Moneypak Virus screenshot
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Aliases:  Moneypak Virus.