Green AV Removal Guide

Do you know what Green AV is?

Green AV is a misleading security application that uses aggressive methods for getting computer users to purchase a full version of the Green AV program. Green AV is nothing more than another rogue anti-spyware application. Like some other rogues, Green AV can be installed through a Trojan or be manually download and installed through a site that advertises fake security programs.

In non-techie terms:
Green AV should never be used to detect or remove computer parasites despite what it claims that it is able to do. In addition, you should never purchase Green AV under any circumstances. Removal of Green AV is needed so that you are not bombarded by fake popup messages and misleading system scans.

Aliases: Green AV, GreenAV.

  • Robert

    I think i did it!!!! I think I deleted Green AV!!!! Go to the task manager!! ( ctrl+alt+delete) on the process tab scroll down to gav.exe ( as stated on this web site) right click to see properties, file location. etc. go to file location. NOTE: YOU MUST GO TO THE FILE LOCATION FIRST OR YOU MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO FIND IT AFTER!!! Bring up the task manager again. Right click on gav.exe and DELETE IT!!! Now bring up the file location again and delete the entire GAV folder ( It’ll go to the recycle bin) Go to the recycle bin and right click on that same folder and DELETE IT!!! and GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (If theirs no gav.exe on your computer you can try right clicking on all of the programs one by one to find the right program. This removal method would probably work with other malicious programs).

  • PG

    I manually removed Green AV from my PC. However, instead of being called gav.exe it was called gra.exe and was in the c:/ProgramData/gra folder. I confirmed this by stopping gra.exe in the task manager making Green AV windows close and running /gra/gra.exe and the Green AV windows returning.