Google's Blogger Sites Spreading Malware

Blogs now have links to Malware?

Recently it was discovered that a Google blog may be used to spread malware. Hackers have reached new levels in to spread their malicious files to internet users and bloggers. It has come to the point where reading a blog can be downright annoying when a user encounters a malicious infection. A certain blog that is hosted by Google is running fake security content that leads to a redirection for users to download malware. This is by far one of the sneakiest tactics used by hackers when a user cannot simply read a blog without getting attacked.

This recent tactic used by hackers is nothing new to the internet but it is getting worse by the day. Blogs are being used to supply dirty links to porn sites and fake security pages. Usually the blog with the bad link has nothing to do with porn or security. If a user accidently clicks on the malicious link it may attempt to get a user to download spyware or install Trojans on a users system.

Some Google hosted blogs (Blogger type blogs) were discovered to have malicious links. It is possible that any type of blog may have bad links. Some of the discovered Blogger sites contained various ads such as WinAntiVirus ads which is a rogue anti-spyware program advertisement. Do not under any circumstances click on ads that display the name of a rogue anti-spyware program. If you have WinAntiVirus you can follow our WinAntiVirus Removal Guide.

Internet Tip: It is always a good practice to avoid clicking on any suspicious links on any type of website. All Blogs cannot be trusted to provide valid links or sources to information that you may be searching for. If you accidently click on a malicious link it is best to use a good anti-spyware program to scan your system and remove any parasites that may be installed. If you are aware of the type of parasite that you were infected with from a blog site you may search for the removal guide.

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