File Restore Removal Guide

Do you know what File Restore is?

File Restore is a fake hard drive defragmentation program which originates from File Recovery, which is also a fake program created by cyber criminals. This deceitful application can get into the computer with the help of infected websites, drive-by downloads and other methods of social engineering. The program is installed without the user’s permission, and once the new modifications are done, scare tactics are applied.

As File Restore pretends that it can deal with different computer issues successfully, it presents some imaginary ones to make the user think that the data stored on the PC may be lost promptly. Misleading notifications are one of the characteristics typical to rogue products, and File Restore is not an exception. The rogue hard drive defragmentation tool scans the computer and states that a lot of system errors need to be fixed. Moreover, the program will display fake error messages, which are supposed to rush you to activate File Restore so that those imaginary hard drive errors are fixed. Some of them are given below:

System blocks were not found
This is most likely occurred because of hard disk failure.
This may also lead to a potential loss of data.
File Restore Removal GuideFile Restore screenshot
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System Error. Hard disk failure detected
It’s highly recommended to run complete HDD scan to prevent loss of personal files.
Scan and repair, Cancel and restart

Device initialization failed

Alongside fake scans and misleading pop-up messages, File Restore disables some parts of the system, and the computer starts running sluggishly. This is because the infection shut downs particular processes and starts new ones in order to achieve its goal which is to convince the user to pay for the fake full version of the program. Once you pay for the activation, cyber criminals receive your money, which you will not be able to reclaim, because the schemers have not been detected.

In order to remove File Restore from the PC, use a reliable spyware removal application, but first register the rogue program with one of the keys given:




The activation will disable malicious processes of the infection and you will be able to download a spyware removal tool from the Internet. Once you have activated the infection, open the browser, download and install a reliable anti-spyware tool which will terminate all of the elements of the rogue so that the compute will run properly.

In non-techie terms:

Remove File Restore as soon as you find that it is scanning the PC and identifying errors. The information presented by the rogue tool is simulated in order to convince you that you need the full version of the program to fix the errors detected.

Aliases: FileRestore.