Warning: Europe Sending Out Spam Emails For Valentines

Ever get emails from someone asking to be your Valentine?

Spammers are taking advantage of holidays and special events such as Valentine 's Day with an increasing rate in delivering spam. Just last month Symantec reported 78.5 percent of emails were consisted of spam.

Where does the bulk of this spam come from?

It was identified that most spam came from European countries by the originating IP address which is usually masked. About 44 percent of all spam emails came from Europe while only 35.1 percent came from North America. It is obvious that the majority of spam messages originate in Europe.

Valentine 's Day is a day reserved for giving thoughtful gifts to people you care about, not spreading the latest virus to your buddy through email. Unfortunately Valentine's Day spam emails are targeting mostly men. Although men may get a nasty surprise email in the form of spam it is always a good suggestion for women to be cautious when reading emails also. Do not open emails that are from an unknown source unless you want the special Valentine gift that damages your computer.

Email Tip: The European hackers may try to take advantage of Valentines and the upcoming tax season in an attempt to get your personal information. Use of email subjects may resemble valentines or tax language by being "loving" or IRS savvy which are some of the tactics used in sending spam emails around this time of year. Do not under any circumstances send your personal information out via email or click a website link that looks suspicious. If you do not know the source of the email it may be a good idea to delete the email and not open it.

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