Der Computer ist Blockiert Removal Guide

Do you know what Der Computer ist Blockiert is?

Der Computer ist Blockiert is a ransomware infection that enters your computer because the people behind it want to steal your money. True to its category, Der Computer ist Blockiert blocks your desktop access and displays a fake security notification asking for a ransom fee. The fee is 100 euro, and the message displayed says that you will not be prosecuted if you pay it. However, that is one big hoax.

Ukash Virus group is a family of ransomware infections that have been terrorizing users worldwide for quite some time now. Der Computer ist Blockiert is one of these computer threats, and it is a direct clone of such notorious applications a GVU Virus, Gema Virus, IRMA Virus or the FBI Moneypak Virus. Der Computer ist Blockiert is intended for the Austrian users and therefore, the message that appears on your screen looks as though it has been sent by the Austrian Police, and you need to "submit" to the Austrian laws:

Verteilung und Speicherung von Pornographie strafbar nach Artikel (Artikel 227-23) des Strafgesetzbuches in Osterreich zur Verfügung gestellt. Es beinhaltet eineher Freiheitsstrafe von 2 bis 5 Jahren.

Um den Computer zu entsperren, mussen Sie eine Strafe zahlen. In Ubereinstimmung mit den Gesetzen von Osterreich, dar Aquivalent von 100 € fur 3 Tage.

Der Computer ist Blockiert says that your computer has been blocked due to distribution and storing of pornographic material, and you must be charged according to the Criminal Code of Austria. Based on the notification you might be imprisoned for up to 5 years if you do not pay the fine within 3 days. However, save yourself 100 euro and remove Der Computer ist Blockiert from your computer right now, because this message has nothing in common with the Austrian law enforcement authorities. Your computer will not be unlocked unless you follow the instructions below:

Windows Vista & Windows 7

  1. Restart your computer and tap F8 key repeatedly after BIOS screen disappears.
  2. When Advanced Boot Options menu shows up, select Safe Mode with Networking and press Enter.
  3. Follow the link and download SpyHunter.
  4. Install the program and remove Der Computer ist Blockiert.

Windows XP

  1. Follow the steps 1 to 3 above.
  2. When a confirmation box appears, click Yes.
  3. Access the Internet and download SpyHunter.
  4. Open Start Menu and click on Run.
  5. Enter "msconfig" into the Run Open box and press OK.
  6. When System Configuration Utility appears, click the Startup tab.
  7. Uncheck all programs on the list and click OK. Exit the utility.
  8. Restart your computer in Normal Mode.
  9. Install SpyHunter and run a full system scan to detect and remove Der Computer ist Blockiert.

In non-techie terms:

Der Computer ist Blockiert is a computer infection that does not allow you to access your desktop. It wants you to pay 100 euro for a crime you haven't committed. You must remove Der Computer ist Blockiert right now to protect your system and your money.

Aliases: Blockiert Virus.