CryptPKO Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what CryptPKO Ransomware is?

CryptPKO Ransomware may refer to an extremely dangerous computer infection that belongs to the group of crypto ransomware programs. The name CryptPKO belongs to a legitimate Windows Registry Class. It is sometimes used by ransomware applications to encrypt user files. Thus, the name CryptPKO Ransomware might be used for the newer variations of the infamous CTB-Locker infection. Some websites may urge you to remove CryptPKO Ransomware as soon as possible, but we would like to point out how important it is to secure your computer against similar intruders in the future. For that, you will definitely need to invest in a legitimate computer security program.

You can actually avoid similar infections if you steer clear of adult-oriented websites and various file-sharing pages. CryptPKO Ransomware might also be distributed with spam email attachments, so you have to be careful about what kind of files you open. This ransomware program is also considered to be a Trojan horse because it employs similar distribution patterns, and it is exactly what it is programming wise. That would also mean that it is not that easy to remove CryptPKO Ransomware on your own. Trojans often enter systems really deep and unless you are an experienced computer user, it is not that easy to get rid of them manually.

On top of that, you have the encryption problem. Once CryptPKO Ransomware and other similar programs enter the target systems, they encrypt almost all the files, making it impossible for the user to access any of her documents. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to decrypt the files. There are several decryption tools available online, but it is very likely that CryptPKO Ransomware would destroy the files once you try decrypting them if you do not delete this infection first. What’s more, the program will also tell you that you have72 hours to pay up 0.2 BTC, and if you do not make it in time, you will not restore your files.

If you were to follow the program’s instructions, you would have to download the Tor browser because it is impossible to reach the sites indicated by CryptPKO Ransomware in any other web browser. Our research team points out that there is no guarantee the program would issue you the decryption key even if you do pay the ransom fee. Thus, instead of spending your money on nothing, you should get yourself a powerful antispyware program and delete all the malicious threats at once.

It would not be hard to restore your files if you have a file backup in a virtual cloud drive or an external HDD. If that is not the case, then you should address professionals who could help you with that although our research lab team says that you may have to give up on your files, too. The point is that you must remove CryptPKO Ransomware right now along with other malicious infections that might be plaguing your PC at the moment.

Manual removal is not recommended because it is really complicated even for an experienced computer user. Do yourself a favor and acquire a trustworthy computer security tool that would do the job for you.

In non-techie terms:

CryptPKO Ransomware is an extremely intrusive and dangerous computer infection. It cannot steal your money or your personal information, but it can block file access. CryptPKO Ransomware wants you to pay the money in exchange for the decryption key. However, you should never succumb to these requirements. Do all you can to remove malware from your computer, and protect your system from similar infections because you can never know when other intruders may try to affect your PC again.