Coupon Companion Ads Removal Guide

Do you know what Coupon Companion Ads is?

Coupon Companion Ads is a browser extension which you can download on your Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. You may want to download the application from after being convinced that it may help you “spend less time searching”. Nonetheless, if you think that the tool will produce amazing discounts when shopping online, you may be taken by surprise when your Windows system gets flooded with all type of advertisement. In case you noticed unauthorized setting changes, strange browser modifications, suspicious ads and inability to remove Coupon Companion from the PC, you should inspect your PC at once. There is a great chance you need to delete the program from your operating Windows system.

It has been discovered that some of the advertisements produced via the Coupon Companion extension belong to schemers. Even though cyber criminals may trick the developers of the actually legitimate and secure program, you should blame them for dismissing the security of your personal data. This is exactly what virtual crooks are after because your search history, bookmarked items and similar information can be used to produce fake alerts and pop-ups ads. You should not click on these at any point since they could camouflage dangerous malware setups or secondary scams.
Coupon Companion Ads Removal GuideCoupon Companion Ads screenshot
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Legitimate browser extensions are meant to help you browse more efficiently and easily; however, some of them have low security protocols and can be implemented by cyber criminals. Do you want schemers leaking your personal data collected by the add-on? Then rush to delete Coupon Companion from the PC and your browsers. Below are the instructions which will help you remove the program from the PC and the browsers. Note that once this is complete, you can scan your operating system with a free malware scanner SpyHunter, which will detect any remnant files you should remove.

Step I:

  1. Click on the Start menu and then click on the Control Panel.
  2. If you run Windows XP, click on Add or Remove Programs, and if you run Windows Vista/7 – go to Uninstall a Program.
  3. Disable/remove Coupon Companion Ads.

Step II:

  1. Launch your Mozilla Firefox and go to Tools.
  2. Select Add-ons and move to Extensions.
  3. Remove items you do not want running on the PC.

Step III:

  1. Launch your Google Chrome and click on the wrench icon.
  2. Go to Tools and click on Extensions.
  3. Click on the trash icon placed next to item you want deleted.
  4. Click Remove.

In non-techie terms:

Coupon Companion Ads is a potentially dangerous browser extension which may be utilized by schemers to involve you in malicious online scams. You should delete the extension, guard your PC with authentic security tools and install those browser add-ons which are reliable and trustable.

Aliases: Coupon Companion.