Conficker B++ Removal Guide and Information

Do you know what Conficker B++ is?

Conficker B++ is the newest variant of Conficker Worm (also known as: Downadup or Kido). Conficker is known as a dangerous infection that has affected millions of computers around the world which now as a newer variant Conficker B++ that may have new methods for avoiding previous actions taken to limit the spread of the original Conficker infection.

Conficker, also known as downadup or Kido, has infected 10.5 million computers around the world with all of its variants. The Conficker B++ infection may post a much more serious threat as it was only discovered in mid February 2009 by SRI International to have a different method for avoiding rendezvous points that the previous Conficker infection was programmed to do.

In non-techie terms:
Conficker B++ is nothing that you want to play with as removal of Conficker B++ should be a top priority or it may cause damage or compromise your system. We already warned users that the Conficker B++ infection could have more devastation than the original Conficker Worm. Conficker B++ may download other malware to your computer or even be controlled where malicious actions may be carried out.

Aliases: Conficker B++, Conficker B, Conficker B++ Worm.