Conficker Authors Failed to Deliver on April Fool's Day

Is it possible that the authors of Conficker.C forgot something on April Fool's Day as the Worm did not cause any issues on infected systems?

Could it be possible that the April Fool's Day worm, Conficker.C, was a dud? Actually, it may be the case of a faulty fuse where Conficker.C was ignited on April 1st but it seems to have been extinguished for now.

All of the hype and concern of the Conficker.C worm causing massive chaos and panic on April 1st has gone down along with the slumping economy. Experts from various security firms are saying the Conficker authors may be extremely disappointed to know that the internet did not come crashing down with all of their efforts put into creating such a potentially devastating botnet.

The only success of Conficker.C could have been all of the attention that it gained in the weeks before April 1st which was the date hard coded into the Worm for it initiating contact with its controllers to carry out malicious actions. Ever since the first conception of Conficker Worm back in November 2008 it has drawn media and internet coverage like no other computer infection in the past. Conficker was by far the biggest worm in terms of press coverage.

Some persons including security researchers believe without the hype Conficker may have been a successful effort by its creators. It is possible that the widespread coverage prompted many proactive prevention and remedy actions to be taken. Even though Conficker still infected upwards of 12 or 13 million computers around the world, it was not near as bad as many expected. It reminds you of the year 1999 when people around the world set-out to fix a computer glitch that was supposedly have caused serious issues and mass panic when the year 2000 rolled around, also called the Y2K bug. If you ask anyone on the street what the Y2K bug was they would have some type of knowledge about it. If you ask them what Conficker was then they may also have some type of explanation to give you mainly due to the widespread media and internet coverage?

The hackers or creators of Conficker may have not been successful with crashing the internet on April 1st but they sure have caused a massive panic in the days before April 1st. Maybe that was part of their goal, just an April Fool's Day joke? Do you think the creators of Conficker just ultimately failed or will be see the infamous Conficker emerge again as a much more potent worm?