Claro Search Malware Removal Guide

Do you know what Claro Search Malware is?

Claro Search Malware is a generic name of a browser hijacker infection that changes user's browser settings and then forcefully redirects him to malicious websites. Claro Search Malware is directly related to website that pretends being a legitimate search engine. Basically, it changes your default search engine or default homepage settings in order to promote unwanted software.

Claro Search Malware is directly related to Babylon merchandise, and we know already just how annoying Babylon Toolbar can be. Claro Search Malware easily affects all three main browsers - Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It takes one single click to install Claro Search Malware onto the target computer. Sometimes user does not even realize that this browser hijacker is being installed, because Claro Search Malware can also arrive bundled with other software. It is common for video codecs, players and other freeware to bring random third-party applications along.

When Claro Search Malware gets installed, the user will notice that his default homepage is changed, and he will be redirected to other third party websites that might be related to computer malware. Some users try to remove Claro Search Malware via Control Panel, because Claro LTD toolbar is listed among the installed programs list. However, Claro Search Malware does not want to be removed and it will try remain in your system for as long as possible.

Get yourself a powerful security tool and remove Claro Search Malware right now, otherwise you might face even more dangerous computer infections that Claro Search Malware will definitely invite your way.

In non-techie terms:

Claro Search Malware is a computer infection that pretends to be a genuine browser plug-in. It redirects user to malicious websites and hijacks the default search engine. Remove Claro Search Malware from your computer with a computer security program and safeguard your system against similar intrusions.

Aliases: ClaroSearch.