Celebrities by inMind Removal Guide

Do you know what Celebrities by inMind is?

Celebrities by inMind is a new tab browser extension that affects Google Chrome, but since it comes from the Mindspark family, this tool should not be fully trusted. Our researchers have tested this extension in our internal lab and they have found that Celebrities by inMind may show unreliable traits. Therefore, this application has been labeled as a potentially unwanted program, i.e., PUP. The applications that belong to this category are not considered to be dangerous infections; yet, they might hold certain unpleasant “surprises” for unsuspecting users. We believe that your computer is safer if you remove Celebrities by inMind. The choice is yours, but, if you read our full report, you will see more clearly why we would not keep this PUP on our computers.

Celebrities by inMind can mainly appear on your computer in two ways. First, you can download it from its website at lp.inmind-celeb.com. By clicking on the download button you will be displayed a message to “Click Add to Continue”; however, there is no “Add” to click. It seems like the website is not fully functional for some reasons. Our researchers found a legitimate source for download in the Chrome web store, but even that does not mean that this is a reliable tool.Celebrities by inMind Removal GuideCelebrities by inMind screenshot
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In fact, its reliability is rather questionable when you find out that this PUP can also be found bundled with malware programs. That is why it is possible that you do not remember installing this extension because it may have entered your PC in a freeware bundle, and you did not realize that the package contained several more components beside the free software you wanted to install. This is how most computer users get their computers infected, as a matter of fact. And that is why you should be careful when installing software packages. If you fail to opt out of the installation of unwanted programs, you may end up letting a whole bunch of infections onto your hard drive. Why would you keep a questionable tool such as this one on your computer? Nonetheless, if you have downloaded such a bundle lately, you should scan your system after deleting Celebrities by inMind in order to see clearly what else you are up against.

This browser extension changes your browser settings and sets a modified Ask.com page as your home page, new tab, and default search engine. Since many users do not realize that they installed this extension themselves, they may think that their browsers have been hijacked. The problem with Mindspark tools is that the company does not take any responsibility for the third-party content you may be exposed to by using the services it provides you with, so they cannot be fully trusted. What’s more, this PUP has the ability to change the search results and display you potentially harmful sponsored links instead of legitimate results. Cyber criminals might exploit this tool and inject their own corrupt links in order to redirect you to their malicious websites. We hope that you see now the potential risks and can make up your mind about this PUP. Our researchers definitely think that you would be safer if you removed Celebrities by inMind.

If you are ready to act, this is what you need to do: Reset your Google Chrome browser. That way all the changes will be reset to default, so you will not only get rid of the extension, but you will also make the Ask.com settings disappear. If you want to be certain that your computer is free of threats, we advise you to run a full system scan. If it finds anything serious on your machine, maybe it is time for you to think about protecting your PC with a powerful antimalware solution, such as SpyHunter.

Celebrities by inMind Removal

Google Chrome

  1. Tap Alt+F and choose Settings.
  2. Scroll down and click Show advanced settings.
  3. Scroll down again and click Reset settings.
  4. In the pop-up, press Reset.

In non-techie terms:

Celebrities by inMind is an unreliable browser extension that only affects Google Chrome. Having this potentially unwanted program on your computer might introduce you to unsafe third-party content. Therefore, we advise you to remove Celebrities by inMind from your browser. It is also possible that this PUP is not the only problematic application on your computer as it may have come with a couple of malware infections on-board. If you want to make sure that your PC is safe to use and protected from similar security issues, you should consider installing a professional malware removal tool.