BitMiner.DCE Removal Guide

Do you know what BitMiner.DCE is?

BitMiner.DCE is a bitcoin generator which is part of the Distributed Computing Experiment. Unfortunately, this application is not the one you wish to find running on your computer because it is often used by cyber criminals who may access your operating system illegally. Once the program is installed onto your personal computer, it begins solving complicated Bitcoin algorithms. Needless to say, this requires the maximum resources of your CPU, which is why you may find your computer running unbearably slowly. If you do not delete BitMiner.DCE, you may also discover slow Internet connection and other disruptions.

Do you know what may lead to the removal of the suspicious BitMiner.DCE? This program is bundled with various unreliable programs which you may be tricked into installing onto the computer. Therefore, if you do not want the disruptive bitcoin miner running on the operating system, you need to make sure you install authentic programs from reputable sources only. Our researchers link BitMiner.DCE to the fictitious installers supposedly representing Adobe Reader or Vuze, as well as to the Youtube Accelerator created by Goobzo. We recommend that you remove these applications if you do find them on your computer, and then delete the bitcoin miner which is likely to be running as well. Note that there are plenty of unreliable bitcoin miners, including Protominer related to the Linkup ransomware or BitCoinMiner, which could be installed onto the computer illegally. We recommend that you delete them as well.

If you do not want to worry about the removal of undesirable computer applications, we advise installing authentic security software to keep the operating system safeguarded at all times. SpyHunter is a reliable, up-to-date program which will remove BitMiner.DCE and will guarantee that other potentially dangerous applications are removed from the computer as well. Furthermore, the program will ensure that the operating system is guarded at all times so that schemers could not utilize your personal computer for illicit bitcoin mining in the future.

In non-techie terms:

It has been revealed that BitMiner.DCE is a PUP, or potentially unwanted program, which may be used by unreliable parties to employ your personal computer for bitcoin mining. This activity is not dangerous; however, it is unauthorized and may be extremely disruptive. Since bitcoin mining requires vast resources of the operating system, you may discover that the computer is running slower than it should. In order to fix the decreased speeds you need to remove BitMiner.DCE and other unreliable applications. We suggest using automatic malware removal software to delete these undesirable programs.

Aliases: BitMiner.