BadBIOS virus

Do you know what BadBIOS virus is?

According to the latest reports on BadBIOS virus, it is a highly dangerous and complex piece of malware which was detected three years ago, and which cannot be removed from the infected system using anti-virus software. The threat was detected by Dragos Ruiu on an Apple computer. The threat infects BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) and can severely affect the performance of the overall system. When the computer is turned on, a BIOS splash screens appears just before the Windows logo appears. BIOS provides the user with information about the basic hardware, including memory, motherboard, CPU, and so on. BadBIOS virus does not make any visual changes, so the user can barely tell whether the system is infected or not. Some specials doubt whether BadBIOS virus is really existent.

The analysis of the infection raised a lot of discussions about the characteristics of the threat. It is said that the threat can spread when Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections are disabled. Moreover, it is reported that BadBIOS virus is capable of spreading via air gaps systems using audio devices plugged to the computer. Another fact about the malicious infection is that it can spread via USB memory sticks. It is argued that the technical characteristics of BadBIOS virus are plausible; however, not concrete evidence has been provided to prove thatBadBIOS virus really exists.

It is likely that BadBIOS virus, a rootkit infection, is capable of various activities. It is reported to consume a lot of computer resources, and may even enable remote access to the system, in which case, new malicious files may be downloaded to the PC. Depending on the objectives of the attackers, the data stored on the PC, including login details, may be put at risk.

BadBIOS virus cannot be removed from the system by anti-virus programs, and the only way to do it is by rewriting the BIOS because this is how you can get rid of a BIOS virus.

In non-techie terms:

BadBIOS virus is reportedly known as a dangerous BIOS infection which can severely infect the performance of the system. It has not been determined whether the threat really exists because of unclear reports and interpretations. It is believed that BadBIOS virus is distributed by pornographic websites, so the only preventative measure regarding the threat in questions is avoidance of unfamiliar and dubious websites.

Aliases: Bad BIOS virus.