APcDefender Removal Guide

Do you know what APcDefender is?


APcDefender is a very dangerous and fake antispyware program. APcDefender can get to your machine through a Trojan or by installing a Video codec which actually installs Trojans, and then open up a way for APcDefender. Once APcDefender is on your PC you will receive various fake security warning and notifications telling You have a infected machine. APcDefendermay show safe files as infected and may even say that some files on your operating system are corrupt.

In non-techie terms:

Don’t let them scare you into buying the full version of APcDefender and don’t take those messages as real. APcDefender only intention when creating was to take your money. Do not even try to purchase or download APcDefender, rather get it off your machine immediately.

Aliases: APc Defender, AP c Defender.