Antivirus Sentry Removal Guide

Do you know what Antivirus Sentry is?

Antivirus Sentry or AntivirusSentry, is a useless program that falsely warns you that your computer is under attack. Antivirus Sentry claims that it will eliminate this threat but funny enough it does not. Antivirus Sentry only takes up space on your hard drive while it does not perform any assistance for fixing issues on your computer.

Antivirus Sentry was found to be very similar to MSAntivirus 2008 where it was developed by the same group of hackers that made MSAntivirus 2008. The Antivirus Sentry program can be downloaded and installed directly from which should never be visited under any circumstances. Purchasing Antivirus Sentry is another big no-no unless you have money to burn.

In non-techie terms: Over time, if you have Antivirus Sentry installed on your system, you may get annoyed with the popup alerts and the frustration of the Antivirus Sentry not performing any functions to help your computer. Make it your duty to remove Antivirus Sentry from your computer to prevent this scenario from happening.

Aliases: Antivirus Sentry, AntivirusSentry, website image:

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