Antivirus Pro Removal Guide

Do you know what Antivirus Pro is?

You might think that you’ve known all about Antivirus Pro already, but here’s something you clearly haven’t been expecting – there’s a new rogue under the same name. The current Antivirus Pro comes from the same batch as Antivirus Center and Internet Protection, so it seems to have no relation with the rogue which appeared previously, but it is just as dangerous as its predecessors and the rogue which shares the same name, which means that you need to terminate Antivirus Pro before it manages to achieve its malicious goals.

Antivirus Pro has been created with one single purpose in mind – this rogue wants nothing, but your money. In order to get to your bank account it uses a whole set of measures. The first step involves getting infected by Antivirus Pro. In fact, it is possible to get infected by this rogue when you are trying to safeguard your computer. For example, you might be frequenting a site which you visit everyday, but it might have a lot of flash advertisements. Some of those advertisements might flicker in bright colors, saying that your computer has been infected and you must click on them. If you do so, you will definitely be directed to fake online malware scanner site, and the rogue download might start automatically, because the creators of Antivirus Pro have programmed it to do so.

Then, once Antivirus Pro gets installed in your system, it will send you a range of fake security messages saying that external software tries to control a variety of your system files and that there has been a suspicious activity detected in your registry entries. Also this rogue will perform a fake system scan, and as a result will present you with a list of existing worms and Trojans. You will be able to find descriptions of these parasites in online encyclopedias, if you want to search information about them. However, they DO NOT exist in your computer. Antivirus Pro is programmed to generate this list with real parasites, only to scare you into believing that the problem is grave, and you simply must activate the program in order to solve it.

Yet, were you to provide Antivirus Pro with your credit card information, you might as well say goodbye to your hard-earned money, because with your banking information exposed the criminals behind this rogue will be able to tap into your funds whenever they wish. They will also use your credentials while performing various illegal operations, so it is more than obvious that you need to get rid of Antivirus Pro as soon as possible, before it caused a system crash and ripped you off. If you don’t know how to do it manually, consider investing in a good malware detector tool, which will remove the rogue automatically.

In non-techie terms:

Antivirus Pro is a fake computer security program, else known as rogue antispyware, and it pretends to be antivirus application in order to rip unsuspecting consumers off. Don’t become another victim of this malicious application. Destroy Antivirus Pro manually or with a reliable anti-malware program.

Aliases: AntivirusPro.