Antivirus Doktor 2009 Removal Guide

Do you know what Antivirus Doktor 2009 is?

Antivirus Doktor 2009 is a tricky anti-spyware program known to be a clone of Registry Doktor 2009. Why tricky? Because even though you may have a computer that does not have any infections, it's scanner will list exaggerated amount of problems. Antivirus Doktor 2009 may load on startup and its difficult to stop it from happening.

In non-techie terms: Antivirus Doktor 2009's trial version may not show real problems on your computer. If don't want Antivirus Doktor 2009, you can go to your "Add/Remove Programs" utility and remove it.

Aliases: Antivirus Doktor 2009, AntivirusDoktor 2009, AntivirusDoktor2009.