Antivirus 2008 Pro Removal Guide

Do you know what Antivirus 2008 Pro is?

Antivirus 2008 Pro or Antivirus2008Pro is rogue anti-spyware application that may come from a Trojan infection. Antivirus 2008 Pro may secretly install onto your computer without your permission if you have a Trojan infection which could have come from a fake codec download or peer 2 peer website. Antivirus 2008 Pro uses it's common name to exploit computer users in the effort to get them to purchase the full Antivirus 2008 Pro program.

Antivirus 2008 Pro is a scam and only a Pro at deceiving computer users to make them think that Antivirus 2008 Pro will remove spyware or other infections from their computer. We discovered that Antivirus 2008 Pro is just like Antivirus 2008. in that it scans your system displaying totally erroneous results. Everything about Antivirus 2008 Pro is fake from the popup alerts to the exaggerated scans.

In non-techie terms: Antivirus 2008 Pro may have a commonly used name but it has nothing to do with any other legitimate programs that have similar names. It is very important that you do not mistake Antivirus 2008 Pro for popular antivirus programs or anti-spyware programs. The fact remains, Antivirus 2008 Pro is a fake anti-spyware program and should not be downloaded, installed or purchased under any circumstances.

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Aliases: Antivirus 2008 Pro, Antivirus2008Pro, Antivirus 2008, Antivirus2008, Antivirus 2008 Pro may be a clone of Antivirus 2008.

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  • TheBoina

    Perfect. Thx

  • SongLinh

    So glad to have found this instruction to uninstall Antivirus 2008 Pro, which is very annoying. I am up to step 11 in the process of removal, following step by step, but I could not find C:\Documents and Settings\[LISTED USER]\Local Settings\Temp from my computer in Safe Mode. Please help.

    I would be very happy to hearing from you soon with help. I need to get over this last step before restarting my computer in regular mode.

    Thank you so much.

    Please respond!

  • Brian

    Thanks, this worked, perfectly. If you were here you could drink my beer.