AntiSpyHunter Removal Guide

Do you know what AntiSpyHunter is?

AntiSpyHunter or AntiSpy Hunter, is fake security program that falsely claims to remove spyware or parasites from your computer. Several reports have come into us about computer users experiencing their desktop background and web browser home page changing without their permission when AntiSpyHunter is installed. This was confirmed after we installed AntiSpyHunter only to find out that our default home page in Internet Explorer was pulling up a blank page.

We have further examined AntiSpyHunter and find that it performs fake system scans and alerts you through popups of infections that really are not present on your computer. AntiSpyHunter can thus be said to be a complete waste of time and money.

In non-techie terms: Just like many other rogue applications that are running lose on the internet today, AntiSpyHunter is not much different. If you have AntiSpyHunter installed then we strongly recommend that you get rid of it immediately. AntiSpyHunter will not remove spyware even if you purchase the full version of the AntiSpyHunter program.

Aliases: AntiSpyHunter, AntiSpy Hunter, Anti SpyHunter, Anti Spy Hunter, Anti-Spy-Hunter.

  • Ingrid

    try riunnng the following two menus of ccleanercleaner > Analyze > Run Cleanerissues > Scan For Issues > Fix Selected IssuesRead Howto of CCleaner on the link below