Anti-Virus 2011 Removal Guide

Do you know what Anti-Virus 2011 is?

Anti-Virus 2011 is a deceptive and malicious rogue antispyware application.You need to be aware of the factor that everything which is related to Anti-Virus 2011 is actually one malicious scam. Anti-Virus 2011 will cause a fake scan to take place as well as generated fake scan report results. It is imperative that you don't fall for any of this as it is all one big scam which Site Villain has created in order to obtain your hard earned money.

In non-techie terms
In order to remove Anti-Virus 2011 from your computer, it is imperative that you make use of a decent antispyware removal product that is able to both detect and automatically remove Anti-Virus 2011 for you. You can try the manual removal process, but you need to be warned that if you do something incorrectly, you run the risks of further damaging your already damaged computer. I hope that for your sake you never have any dealings with the manipulative Anti-Virus 2011.

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