Adware Helpers Removal Guide

Do you know what Adware Helpers is?

Adware Helpers refers to malware which enables other malicious applications perform various unauthorized actions on the infected computer. For example, Adware Helpers can be used to access the Internet via Internet Explorer. Malware researchers classify the treat as a Trojan horse as it can get to the computer disguised as some legitimate system file or application. If your security tool detects this threat but cannot remove it, install a more powerful spyware removal tool which is capable of terminating Adware Helpers.

Adware Helpers is a threat which has a lot of components, each of which has to be removed in order to prevent the download of new malicious files. For example, one of them is browsemngr.exe which is located in a subfolder of the Program Files folder. The file can record your information input and monitor the operations of system programs. Another component which associated with Adware Helper is browserprotect.exe. It is known to be able to cause various problems which arise while browsing the Internet. It can display pop-up advertisements, provide some unwanted URLs, and so on. The problems may arise while using Google Chrome or some other browser.

Once you find that you are provided with advertisement, check the settings of the browser. It is likely that an unwanted browser add-on may be installed. One of the components that you may find on your Internet Explorer is browse~1.dll which you may find as a browser helper object (BHO).

In order to remove Adware Helpers so that you are no longer bombarded with advertisements or redirected to unwanted websites, it is important to fully remove the threat in question. There are various processes that have to be stopped, not to mention various .exe and .dll files. We recommend that you install SpyHunter so that you do not have to terminate Adware Helpers manually. Not only our recommend tool will remove the infection; but also it will safeguard the computer against various computer threats.

In non-techie terms:

Adware Helpers is a cunning computer infection targeted at Windows operating system. It works jointly with other computer infections, which means that if your anti-virus program has reported that the system is infected with Adware Helper, it is likely that some other unwanted applications or threats are present within the system.

Aliases: AdwareHelpers.