Ads by Clicksor Removal Guide

Do you know what Ads by Clicksor is?

Ads by Clicksor is a legal advertising network that is used by website owners to embed various types of commercial advertisements on their pages. There is nothing malicious about Clicksor, and you actually cannot remove the advertisements, because whatever generates them is not present on your computer. You are seeing Ads by Clicksor, because the website you have opened most probably has entered an agreement with Clicksor which eventually resulted in Clicksor’s code being added to the personal website. Hence, to remove Ads by Clicksor, you simply need to close the page.

Users tend to distrust such networks as Ads by Clicksor, because a lot of adware and freeware applications are considered potentially unwanted programs that are often exploited in malware scams. However, Ads by Clicksor is a network similar to Ads by Google. Even if some users report that they have been infected with malware after having clicked Clicksor ads, the network itself is trying its best to avoid malicious exploitation by constant management network updates.

You may encounter various computer security-related websites that claim Ads by Clicksor is part of an adware or malware infection, but it has nothing to do with whatever you have on your computer. These advertisements will disappear once you close the web page that contains Ads by Clicksor code. If you are still seeing various pop-ups even after you have close the website, then it is very likely that you have some potentially unwanted program installed on your computer which has arrived with a list of adware applications.

Even so, it has nothing to do with Ads by Clicksor. If you still want to open a specific page which displays Ads by Clicksor, then you should consider using a number of add-ons and other tools that blocks commercial advertisements. Some people may think that Ads by Clicksor uses tracking cookies to collect data on your web browsing habits, but that is also not the case, because all their ad-scripts load directly from the network’s server at

It may seem that Ads by Clicksor is everywhere, because it is one of the most popular networks for advertising, and it is available for free. When people want to earn money from their websites, they often resort to third-party advertising, and so Ads by Clicksor are placed there with the owner’s consent.

Naturally, it is always a good idea to scan your computer with a reliable antimalware tool in order to make sure that there are no potential threats on your computer, but Ads by Clicksor is definitely not one of them.

In non-techie terms:

Ads by Clicksor are different types of commercial online advertisements. The owners of various websites make use of this advertising network to make money. It is your own choice whether you want to click Ads by Clicksor or not.