ACommander Removal Guide

Do you know what ACommander is?

ACommander is actually a copy of a rogue antispyware application which is known as PCommander.You need to be aware of the factor that both ACommander as well as PCommander both make use of the same malicious tactics in order to try and trick innocent users. ACommander will perform a fake system scan which will present you with fake system scan results. Once you are really scared you will be offered a solution to your problems in the form of the full version, which promises to remove all your computer threats.

In non-techie terms

ACommander is a malicious rogue which has been designed by malicious people in order to steal your money and cause you many computer problems. You need to invest in a decent and effective antispyware removal tool that is guaranteed to detect as well as automatically delete the malicious ACommander for you.

Aliases: A Commander, PCommander, P Commander, rogue.ACommander.