Zlob-x.a Removal Guide

Do you know what Zlob-x.a is?

Zlob-x.a is a Trojan that distributes IE Defender and is designed to affect the Windows operating system by changing settings and modifying files on your computer. Zlob-x.a is usually found bundled in video codecs which are used to view video files. Zlob-x.a can hijack your IE browser and display an error message within your search results in search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.
Zlob-x.a starts automatically every time Windows boots and hides, waiting for remote connections to attack, downloading and installing malicious software, such as IE Defender.
Unfortunately, no security patches can fix this flaw. You have to be careful when visiting Web sites or downloading files to avoid possible infection of Zlob-x.a.

In non-Techie terms: Zlob-x.a is designed to mislead and to extort money from you. Avoid website that promote fake codecs and do not click on error messages alleging to detect a security problem with your computer.

Aliases: Troj/Zlob-x.a-QJ, Zlob-x.a.

  • Zlob

    Smitfraud fix is a great free tool to remove Smitfraud and often times those fake anti-spyware software packages. The issue many people have is once infected with Smitfraud and Zlob you have other spyware and trojans installed. Some other great free based programs are Spybot S&D and the free ad-aware version. The issue with all of these is they do not offer active protection so ensure you have a good internet security suit installed

  • Ozloblena

    I've checked several security websites and stats from antivirus labs; Zlob trojan is in top #3 of currently most active threats on the Web.