Zippyshare Removal Guide

Do you know what Zippyshare is?

Zippyshare is not a malicious application, but it does not mean that malware is not associated with it in any way. Our experienced malware researchers could not find a single infection under the name Zippyshare, but they have come across a website It has turned out that it is a popular file-sharing website. Unfortunately, there is nothing positive our specialists can say about it. According to them, users who visit it periodically and download software from it risk infecting their systems with harmful malicious software. Harmful threats do not need permission to slither onto users’ computers. They will enter your system without your knowledge, and you will, most likely, find out about their entrance too late, i.e. when the damage has already been done. The quickest way to find out whether or not malware is installed on the system is to perform a system scan with an antimalware scanner, but it does not mean that it is impossible to detect malicious software without antimalware software. In most cases, malware creates new processes on affected computers and drops new files that can be located somewhere on the system, but we do not try to say here that you should go searching for them. It is not very likely that you will recognize malicious files, so, instead, check your Control Panel and the extensions listed in the add-ons manager on your browser. If suspicious entries can be located, you might have software that must be erased from the system active on your computer. might not look harmful to an inexperienced eye; however, our researchers have immediately realized that this website might bring security-related problems to users who visit it and/or download software from it at first glance. Malicious software will not be installed on your PC the second you open the website, but, as has been noticed at the time of analysis, this page contains a bunch of fake Download buttons and, on top of that, might present users with pop-ups/ads promoting untrustworthy software or even cause redirections to other dubious pages that promote malware or, for example, try to convince users to provide some personal details. According to our specialists, dubious file-sharing websites might contain anything from adware to Trojan infections. To put it in other words, you might install anything from them. Adware and potentially unwanted applications are considerably mild infections. They will only generate commercial advertisements for you and might record some details; however, if you encounter more harmful threats, e.g. a Trojan infection, it might steal sensitive information, log your keystrokes, and even install more harmful infections from the web. We are sure you do not want to experience all these problems.

Never download applications from a dubious website, especially if it is a file-sharing website because there is a huge possibility that malicious software will slither onto your computer illegally. Of course, it does not mean that bad software comes from these websites only. Cyber criminals are becoming more and more inventive, so it is only a question of time when old distribution methods will be replaced with new ones. If you do nothing, harmful threats will find a way to enter your system one way or another. It does not mean that there is nothing an ordinary user can do to protect his/her system against malicious applications. Security specialists say that all users, no matter they surf the Internet every day or just occasionally, must have a security application installed to make sure no harmful threats can enter their systems illegally.

If you have recently downloaded software from, it is advisable that you check installed programs through Control Panel and inspect all active browser extensions. Unfortunately, it does not mean that you are fine if nothing suspicious can be found there because some malicious applications hide deep on the system. As a consequence, the easiest way to find out about their entrance is to perform a full system scan with an antimalware scanner.

In non-techie terms:

Zippyshare is not a malicious application. Instead, it has turned out that it is a file-sharing website promoting various suspicious applications. Unfortunately, we cannot let you browse this website or download applications from it because it is only a question of time when you will end up with untrustworthy software. It contains so many fake Download buttons that even experienced users might easily fall into the trap.