'YouTube Reward Center' Pop-Up Removal Guide

Do you know what the YouTube Reward Center' pop-up is?

The YouTube Reward Center pop-up notification is a scam seeking to obtain your personal information. You can recognize the scam by the tab name Reward Center and the text saying that every week several users are selected as the receivers of some gifts. If your browsing sessions have been disturbed by the YouTube Reward Center pop-up, that implies that your web browsers could contain an adware program. It is also possible to find such scam messages when browsing questionable websites, which usually include gaming websites, software sharing websites, and adult-oriented websites. To remove the YouTube Reward Center pop-up, click the close button, but, if the problem persists and you cannot browse the Internet because of this annoying pop-up, you should eliminate the cause, i.e., the malicious program displaying this tricky notification.

The YouTube Reward Center pop-up is also dubbed Google Survey Scam, because the scam invites the user to answer a few questions, within a certain time limit. It has also been observed that the formulation of the text may differ depending on the geographical location. Nevertheless, we strongly advise you against taking part in any surveys to win a prize. The YouTube Reward Center pop-up scam ask the participant to provide the phone number at the end of the survey and agree to pay a weekly payment of $5 for an worthless service.

Scams inviting you take part in a survey or questionnaire differ in their content. Not only you can be asked to provide your phone number or email address, but also highly personal information, which could be successfully used by the fraudsters to obtain financial gain. The target information depends on the fraudsters' intentions, so, for example, you should never reveal your banking information, such as credit card numbers, usernames, and passwords.

If the YouTube Reward Center pop-up is displayed by a nefarious website, it may be enough to navigate away, but, if the scam is generated by a malicious program, you should consider taking some measures to prevent similar episodes in the future. The fact that adware is running on your browser suggests that some other unwanted programs, or even infections, may be running on the PC.

Unsolicited programs can be installed after launching a bundled installer, which contains more than one application. People tend to impulsively click the Next, or Agree, button to close the installation windows, which usually result in the installation of undesirable programs. To prevent adware, which is very often installed as a browser extension, be attentive to every window displayed so that you can uncheck boxes preventing the installation of additional programs. Without a doubt, the system should be shielded from malware and spyware, because there are many sneakily installed threats aimed at damaging or stealing your valuable information.

The program displaying the YouTube Reward Center pop-up may be collecting information about you. Adware programs record non-personally identifiable information, such as search terms, links clicked, advertisements viewed, etc. This information helps to determine your interests and, hence, provide you with content that might be of interest to you. However, it is important to note that if you use personal information as your search term, the party behind the adware program may get some more details about you than you would agree to share with them. To inhibit someone behind the adware program from acquiring information from your browser, remove that unsolicited application.

When it comes to removal, we encourage you to rely on a reputable malware and spyware removal program. If you are provoked by the YouTube Reward Center pop-up on a regular basis, implementing anti-malware is the best choice in such a situation. You can also try removing the application manually by simply accessing the extension manager on every browser and clicking the Remove button, but this option does not solve the online security and privacy issue. You may success removing the adware, but the OS will remain unprotected, so do not hesitate to implement a reputable security tool.

How to remove the YouTube Reward Center pop

Internet Explorer

  1. Click the Tools button.
  2. Select Manage Add-ons and delete questionable browser application.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click the menu button (three horizontal lines).
  2. Select Add-ons and select the Extensions and Themes panel on the left side.
  3. Remove unwanted extensions.

Google Chrome

  1. Click the three-dot button.
  2. Select More tools.
  3. Click Extensions.
  4. Remove unsolicited browser applications.

In non-techie terms:

The YouTube Reward Center pop-up is a hoax that attempts to make an unsuspecting Internet user to answer questions in a survey and when provide the contact phone number and agree to pay for a weekly service subscription. It is highly advisable to ignore pop-ups inviting you to take part in surveys that give you the chance to win some non-existent prize, such as an iPhone or a tablet. Instead of taking part in a survey, close the scam and ensure that the operating system is not affected by any potentially unwanted program, adware, or malware.