Your system has been blocked Removal Guide

Do you know what is Your system has been blocked?

The fictitious Microsoft Security Essentials alert Your system has been blocked may seem like the real deal; however, this notification does not have anything in common with the reputable company and cyber criminals are only using this name to gain your trust and trick you into giving up your hard-earned money. The deception of this fake alert is truly treacherous and confusing, because cyber crooks have put a lot of work into making it look reliable and written in the same style and manner as the official Microsoft’s or Windows’ notifications.

Until you remove Your system has been blocked alert elevating Trojan, which is the only infection behind the deceptive scam, your computer will be frozen, as malignant application’s components will breach the registry and reconfigure your system to make it impossible for you to access computer’s desktop, scan your system for infections and remove the virus. This is the best chance for schemers to focus your attention onto the fictitious warnings which you can see below. Note that it is very important to look at these bogus alerts and understand that they have nothing to do with your system’s protection, because this could help you from detecting and identifying other malware within your system in the future.

Microsoft Security Essentials Alert
Your system has been blocked for security reason.
Microsoft Security Essentials detected potential threats! Your system has reached the critical security level, because of visiting sites with infected and pornographic contents. Its further use may lead to the system collapse and complete loss of information. To restore Your Windows system performance, you need to download and install an additional module of the dynamic proactive protection. This module is an optional paid update for especially infected Windows systems. It eliminates the causes of system slowdown, associated with the presence of difficult-found malicious software, prevents the system crash and stabilize its operation.

Microsoft Security Essentials Alert
Computer status – At risk
To install update please insert 200 Ukash or Paysafecard voucher pin-code. You can buy this voucher at nearest Press Salon Inmedio, Inmedio Café, Relay, and 1-Minute. After your payment is done, your computer will be immediately updated and protected; all Trojans and viruses will be removed.

In non-techie terms:

You should not even think about following any of these messages, purchasing allegedly essential updates or trusting them with malware removal, because this is only a scam, and the last thing you should do is share your money or personal data with cyber criminals! We recommend you to remove Your system has been blocked right away, and since manual infection’s removal is highly inadvisable to even experienced Windows users, here is a guide to help you acquire automatic removal tools instead:

Press the restart button of your computer.
Immediately hit F8 and keep doing this until a menu pops up.
3. Choose to boot into your system via Safe Mode with Networking.
4. Immediately launch your browser and initiate an automatic SpyHunter’s (reliable malware removal tool) installation by entering into the address box.
5. Install the application and let it remove existing malware.

Aliases: Your system has been blocked alert.