Your personal files are encrypted Removal Guide

Do you know what Your personal files are encrypted is?

Your personal files are encrypted is a message that appears on your screen. You see this notification because dangerous ransomware application enters your system. Unfortunately, it also means that you most probably have lost a big chunk of your personal files because they really have been encrypted. Nevertheless, you should not panic – your most important task is to remove Your personal files are encrypted message and the program behind it. Hence, your best choice right now would be acquiring a powerful antimalware tool that would do the job for you.

Allen was quick to see that several notifications are displayed by ransomware infections from the same group. In fact, the name “Your personal files are encrypted” is simply the first line from the notification on your screen. In reality, the program that displays this message is called Critoni Ransomware, CTB-Locker_Critoni Ransomware or Crypto Ransomware. There are several types of this encrypting ransomware, but the bottom line is that when it enters target computer, it encrypts your most important files and you can no longer access them.Your personal files are encrypted Removal GuideYour personal files are encrypted screenshot
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Unlike other ransomware infections that at least try to make an impression that they are legal representatives of law enforcement authorities, Your personal files are encrypted infection is very explicit about its intentions – it simply states the fact that your computer security has been compromised and now you have to pay money in order to get a decryption key. This so-called decryption key is supposed to help you decrypt your files, but it is very unlikely that the infection will issue it in the first place. This is how the notification looks like:

Your personal files are encrypted.

Your documents, photos, databases and other important files have been encrypted with strongest encryption and unique key, generated for this computer.
You only have 72 hours to submit the payment. If you do not send money within provided time, all your files will be permanently crypted and no one will be able to recover them.

Chances are that you will not be able to decrypt your files even if you pay the ransom fee. Our research team says that the best way to battle Your personal files are encrypted infection is to avoid getting infected with the malware in the first place. That requires employing secure web browsing habits and downloading applications from the official websites only. If you download a new application from a third party website, you have to be sure that it is not bundled with freeware or malware.

Please invest in a reliable antimalware application that will help you terminate Your personal files are encrypted ransomware automatically. If you are not a computer security expert, you should not try deleting the program on your own – might result in computer system malfunction. You may also try the set of instructions below this description that is devised to help users delete virtually any malware infection out there. Last, but not least – make sure you keep a file back-up in an external HDD or a cloud drive.

In non-techie terms:

Your personal files are encrypted notification appears on your desktop when you get infected with ransomware. You have to terminate all the malicious process and delete dangerous files from your computer; otherwise you will not be able to operate your PC properly.