XRJ Antivirus Removal Guide

Do you know whatXRJ Antivirus is?

XRJ Antivirus as it is otherwise called, is the latest in rogue anti-spyware applications. XRJ Antivirus, as like with many of these type of phony software, is able to mislead and ultimately coerce computer users into purchasing its full version of the XRJ Antivirus application. The method by which these rogue applications make use of most, in a bid to entice would-be users into falling for their ploy, is via the use of fake system alert messages and falsified system scan results, all of which are seemingly populated and inundated with ‘parasites’ – bearing in mind – these supposed ‘parasites’ will also be fake- and mere tactics employed, to ensure their goal comes to fruition. Remove XRJ Antivirus to avoid further damage being caused to your system. XRJ Antivirus tends to be installed directly from a malicious affiliated website that is designed to advertise and sell rogue anti-spyware programs. XRJ Antivirus may cause damage or modifications to any computer system it has infiltrated. System files or registry entries are at risk, as XRJ Antivirus has a tendency and capability to alter the way in which a computer system operates.

In non-techie terms

XRJ Antivirus is dangerous – and is a scam, aimed at coercing money out of hand! The best thing to do would be to remove this application as soon as there is any suspicion of its presence within a system.

Aliases: XRJAntivirus, Rogue.XRJAntivirus