XpyBurner Removal Guide

Do you know what XpyBurner is?

XpyBurner or Xpy Burner, is an absurd program for detection or removal of spyware which it claims to be able to do. XpyBurner uses similar tactics to that of SpyBurner, which is another rogue anti-spyware program, to get you to purchase a full version of the XpyBurner program. XpyBurner and SpyBurner in the free version and full version do not detect or remove spyware. They are bother rogue anti-spyware programs that are designed by the same group whose main objective is monetary gain from computer users.

XpyBurner may come from Trojan infections such as Zlob or Vundo where the XpyBurner is heavily advertised through popups or alert messages. XpyBurner may even be advertised on XpyBurner.com which is a site that you should not visit. XpyBurner can be very annoying when you get a multitude of popups which are all fake. XpyBurner may also slow the performance of your computer in some cases.

In non-techie terms:
It is very important to remove the XpyBurner program to avoid damages to your system. The full version of XpyBurner is no better than the free one that may have been automatically installed onto your computer by a Trojan. It is best to never purchase XpyBurner under any circumstances as it is just a waste of your time and money.

Aliases: XpyBurner, Xpy Burner, www.xpyburner.com.