XPAntivirus Removal Guide

Do you know what XPAntivirus is?

XPAntivirus also known as XP Antivirus is a recent rogue antivirus program that may display fake virus scan results to trick you into purchasing a full version to remove the viruses on your system.

The viruses that XPAntivirus finds on your system are not actual viruses; instead they're files that were actually created by XPAntivirus in order to confuse you into needing XPAntivirus to clean your system. Entries of XPAntivirus are placed in your systems registry to make it look like legitimate viruses spreading on your PC system but instead are bogus registry entries. XPAntivirus is a fake virus removal program that starts up in Windows with each boot process. You should not purchase XPAntivirus under any circumstances. XPAntivirus is nothing more than a fake virus scan utility that tries to steal your time and money.

Has XPAntivirus done a scan on your system and found several viruses? Do you need to use XPAntivirus to clean your system… We think NOT!

In non-techie terms: It is easy to remove XPAntivirus from your system by the Add or Remove Programs uninstall option in your control panel. If it is removed this way please note that XPAntivirus will start back up again once your reboot your computer system. It is essential to avoid wasting your time in that simple process and instead follow detailed instructions for removal.

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  • Leyla

    Hi Spiware Technie

    Thanks for taking the trouble to create this site. I'm not savvy with computers and made the mistake of running XP a couple of weeks ago and, having realised what it is, could not get rid of it by the usual deletion means. I backdated my computer to a date before this and I think that got rid of it. I wanted to check with you if this is viable or should I go through the process you describe? Meanwhile as I am writing this my AVG scan has picked up 6 trojans/spyware with the name XP Antivirus 2008.

    Thanks again,


  • phnai

    thanks a lot

  • Ching San

    Yo...Spyware Techie,
    I just applied a method of getting rid this annoying shit fuck so-called XP Anti Virus 2008! By ending process the ANTVRS.EXE (to find it: RUN - type TASKMGR - Click Right :end process the ANTVRS.EXE) It works, man! BUT, I must say BUT... you must delete the XP Anti Virus 2008 icon immediately! Because it can regenerate itself into its twin! Make sure you guys, delete that icon in the recycle bin also, ok?

  • momo

    sorry if this is included, but i'll probably read your instructions over again.
    every time i try to unregister the .dll files (shlwapi & wininet) it says that access denied, or when i try to delete them it says; x.dll was loaded, but the DllUnregisterServer entry point was not found. dllunregisterserver may not be exported, or a corrupt version of wininet.dll may be in memory. consider using Pview to detect and remove it.

    help anyone?