XP Security Removal Guide

Do you know what XP Security is?

Do not trust XP Security. XP Security is a rogue antispyware application out to fool naïve consumers into parting with their money and get nothing but a headache in return. XP Security uses clever marketing tactics to convince users it’s a genuine security tool that has the ability to remove harmful threats and protect their systems against malicious malware and virus infections.

This could not be farther from the truth as XP Security offers no diagnostic or protective capabilities in the least, seeing as XP Security is a harmful infection in itself. Known symptoms of an XP Security infection include annoying popup messages spamming the user, along with increased erratic system behaviors coupled with blocked Internet connections and an inability to launch legitimate executables.

Do not fall victim to XP Security’s cleverly marketed scam, and do not become its next victim. Simply delete XP Security to avoid the devastating damage that accompanies an XP Security infection.

In non techie terms:

XP Security is a harmful and fake application which should never be trusted. If you suspect your PC of being infected with it, get rid of XP Security at the first opportunity.

Aliases: XPSecurity, XP Security 2011, XPSecurity2011, XPSecurity 2011, XP Security2011.