XP-Guard Removal Guide

Do you know what XP-Guard is?

XP-Guard XP-Guard 2.1, or XPGuard, is a dangerous fake anti-spyware program that is known to have come from the Russian Federation. XP-Guard is clearly in English but you may think otherwise after scans your system and lists a bunch of parasites that you may have never heard of. The parasites that XP-Guard lists in the scan are not real results.

You may not know it but XP-Guard does not actually scan your computer or remove parasites from your system. Instead, XP-Guard performs fake scans and popups up messages only to get you to purchase the full XP-Guard program.

In non-techie terms: XP-Guard 2.1 is a nasty program that should be removed from your system. If you keep XP-Guard on your computer then you will start getting fake security center messages that offers the purchase of XP-Guard 2.1. XP-Guard may have been installed without your permission through a Trojan or from a malicious website. Do not ever install or purchase XP-Guard under any circumstances.

Aliases: XP-Guard, XP-Guard 2.1, XPGuard, XPGuard 2.1.