XP Entertainments Removal Guide and Information

Do you know what XP Entertainments is?

XP Entertainmentsis a serious adware parasite that was found to be installed through a Trojan horse infection which may come from a malicious website. XP Entertainments can be very dangerous as it may block or disable firewall, antivirus or antispyware programs currently installed and running on your system. You may get several popups or system messages from the XP Entertainments parasites if it is installed on your computer.

In non-techie terms:
XP Entertainments or XPEntertainments was discovered to be a variant of the AvKiller Trojan which has the ability to install or download malware to your system without your knowledge or consent. It would be very wise to remove XP Entertainments and any Trojan infection related to XP Entertainments from your computer to avoid any additional damage to your system.

Aliases: XP Entertainments, XPEntertainments, XP_Entertainments, XP-Entertainments.