XL Guarder Removal Guide

Do you know what XL Guarder is?

XL Guarder or XLGuarder, is a program that makes a false claim of being able to remove spyware. Basically, XL Guarder is a rogue anti-spyware that can be manually installed or put on your computer automatically without your permission. XL Guarder might be installed without your knowledge through a Trojan infection which is usually the Zlob or Vundo Trojan.

So what are the creators of the XL Guarder program trying to prove with its name? That XL Guarder is bigger than the competition with the XL meaning Xtra Large? Maybe size does matter when you're dealing with a deceptive program such as XL Guarder. If that is the case then obviously the bigger it is the more time and money you will end up wasting because XL Guarder does not remove a lick of spyware like it claims too. A very funny part about XL Guarder is that when it is run it has a sexy voice with a European accent telling you the status of the fake scan. Marvelous isn't it?

In non-techie terms: XL Guarder is nothing more than a fake anti-spyware program that tries to take your money in return for a useless piece of software. I would not even go as far as calling it software because "software" is supposed to help you do something. XL Guarder only helps you waste your money. Do not ever download or purchase XL Guarder under any circumstances.

Aliases: XLGuarder, XLGuarder.com.

Check out the sexy silhouette of the woman in the XL Guarder sceen shot image below. Maybe she is living life "XL", you think?

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