XJR Antivirus Removal Guide

Do you know what XJR Antivirus is?

XJR Antivirus is a rogue anti-spyware application that is similar and possibly a clone of the following rogueware family: XP internet Security and XP internet Security 2010. As is typical of rogue applications, XJR Antivirus employs the use of false scan results and fake security warnings to carry out their main goal of creating purchase orders for their misleading software. XJR Antivirus will state that the computer in question is infected with a variety of Trojan infections, adware or malware and that you should purchase XJR Antivirus to remove these infections. Never forget that these infections are all fictitious and don't actually exist on the computer. XJR Antivirus is installed via the use of Trojan infections, such as the notorious Zlob or Vundo. XJR Antivirus might also be promoted on various affiliated malicious websites. Once active, XJR Antivirus will ostensibly scan your computer and list various fake infections or security issues. The computer will then also be bombarded with very annoying pop-up messages and security alerts.

In non-techie terms

The alerts proportioned by XJR Antivirus are all fake. If your computer is infected with XJR Antivirus, make sure you remove it and all its affiliated components!

Aliases: XJRAntivirus.